Barry Smith starting in the 1969 Isle of Man production TT
Barry Smith starting in the 1969 Isle of Man 250cc production TT


Here are a few quotes from people who have read the book.

Tommy Robb. -  Grand Prix winner

This life story puts into perspective the trials and tribulations of the motorcycle racing scene and brings home the true effort required.Your book portrays the trials and tribulations of our great life in a manner that leaves no one in doubt as to just how different this nomadic life was for those of us who survived it.

Don Cox. - Journalist and motorcycle historian.

Smith was only the second Australian victor at the Isle of Man, winning on a Derbi 50 in 1968 after just one lap of official practice on that machine. In fact he recorded Derbi’s first three classic victories, with back-to-back wins at Assen and Spa-Francorchamps in 1969. He chased more success in the Isle of Man and questions loose rule enforcement that twice cost him victory in the Production class on a Suzuki.

Jim Scaysbrook. - Old Bike Magazine.

This is a story of a man obsessed with racing motorcycles, and very good at it too. I personally love the stories of the Continental Circus, the rough and ready bunch that traversed the length and breadth of Europe in the sixties. He recounts his races with amazing detail, but its the tales of the friends he made that really add to the colour of this book. A great read, with wonderful photos, from a man who has obviously enjoyed every moment of his life, putting injuries and personal issues behind him in pursuit of his career.

Charlie Williams - A fascinating and informative book on GP racing back in th 60s and 70s, superbly written by a man who was there and most importantly - did it!

Chris; UK. -  I am most impressed with your memory going so far back!

Bruce; Victoria. -  I am really enjoying the early years, a lot I am reading about for the first time.

Ramon; Sweden. -  I cannot help but think that this must be the definitive work on life on the Continental Circus.  Also think that you must be one of the outstanding riders of our time - so many years racing, so many events, so many victories.  And you survived!

Richard; UK. - The book was a great read and I wish you all the success in your future as a writer of real life in the fast lane.

Phillippe; USA - The book is a great read. I got the book as it arrived quickly and in good condition, I read it through, lots of fun and great stories.

Ian; Victoria - Very impressed! how did you remember so much from the past!

John; Queensland. - Barry. Just finished reading your story, what a great read, really enjoyed it.

Brenda; UK - Brilliant book well done Barry, really enjoyed the read.

Pelayo; Spain The book is the perfect bike book for me with races and more races every page.

Gary; NSW - Am enjoying your book Barry - very conversational style, easy to read!

Chris; NSW -  It is a rattling good yarn - Barry Smith may not be a household name in the sense of a Mick Doohan or Casey Stoner, but they could not have written a book like this. Tales of life on the Continental Circus of your era are full of the adventures that can only arise from living on the smell of the proverbial oily rag.

John; New Zealand - I enjoyed your account of experiences and lifestyle, ups and downs and told the way it was, congratulations on your account and achievements.